On-Site Storage

Baltimore Maryland’s Cubby Mobile Storage offers special on-site storage containers, sometimes referred to as storage units, for Home Staging, De-Cluttering, Remodeling, or simply Temporary Storage for almost any reason. These storage containers/units have been specifically designed to hold large amounts of storage locally at your property.

Mobile/Portable Storage Units

We deliver our portable, mobile, storage units/containers to your residence and professionally pack your items. These portable storage units are then taken back to our warehouse in Baltimore, Maryland, where we store them until you are ready to have them returned. No matter how long or short a period of time that you need, we will keep your belongings safe and secure.

Local Moving

If you are just moving items locally in the Maryland area, we can provide you with our Cubby trailer. You can load the trailer or we will load it for you. After the load, we drive the trailer to your destination and can help unload your belongings. If you are loading and unloading your belongings on your own, know that we will never rush you. Take as much time as you need!

Full Moving Services

Cubby Mobile Storage is a wholly owned division of Platinum Services, Inc., a full service relocation company. If you are interested in relocating locally, out of state, or internationally, we can provide full moving services with our professional staff and moving trucks. Whether you’re moving around the block, across the country, or around the world, you’re going to need some help.

We have different types of services depending on your moving and storage needs.  We are a professional full moving service company and we also have various storage options if you need items temporarily out of your home or residence.  We offer on-site storage containers, similar PODs, if you need temporary storage space at your property.  For longer periods of storage, we provide mobile or portable storage units.  We professionally pack the portable storage containers, and take the entire unit back to our warehouse.  When you are ready to have your items back, we deliver the entire storage unit back to you.