Warehouse storage could be the solution for an emerging trend, the longer time period that American couples are spending cohabitating. According to the CDC, the average woman spends 22 months living with her future husband before heading down the aisle. Safe and easy storage is good for your relationship and your high school basketball trophies.

Protect your relationship: However long you stay together compared to those CDC figures, you may have a happier home life if you don’t have to argue about whether black velvet paintings of Elvis qualify as fine art, or how many shoes one has to own before it qualifies as a medical condition that should be covered by insurance. We’re hoping that all your dreams come true, but if you decide to split up, your transition may be more amicable if you can get back your rice cooker and futon instead of having to start from scratch.

Protect your possessions: Moving stuff can be such a hassle you may still be wondering if it’s worth it. Rest assured that we can simplify the process by coming to your door, packing your stuff, and taking it to the warehouse for you. We will keep it nice and safe for you until you get around to finalizing your plans, even if that takes 2 years or more. We won’t even resent you for keeping us waiting or pressure you with ultimatums. You can chow down at holiday dinners without worrying that we are going to ask you any embarrassing questions about your intentions or how soon you want to start having children.

Contact us for convenient and affordable moving and storage. We are here for you during every stage of your life to help you keep your home beautiful and comfortable while you sort out what to do with your stuff.