Whether you own a Louis XV original or a cheap particle board desk, it doesn’t matter. Furniture storage isn’t something that should be taken lightly. Store it the wrong way, and the furniture may break, discolor, get eaten by insects or end up covered in mold. Store it the right way, and you’ll be able to continue using it for many years to come. This brings us to one simple question, “What’s the best way to store cherished furniture?” Our mobile storage solutions experts know the answer and would like to share a few furniture storage dos and don’ts. Hopefully, they may help Maryland and District of Columbia residents pack up their furniture and get safely on their way. Here they are:

  • Don’t forget to treat your furniture a few days before the big move. For example, wax the wood and polish the metal hardware. If your furnishings have leather or upholstered surfaces, be sure to deep clean and treat them too. Depending on the circumstances, water or stain proofing the furniture may help as well.
  • Do consider disassembling the furniture and loosely wrapping the pieces in pads or other protective materials. But before you do, take a picture of the furniture and note how it should all be put back together. After you’ve wrapped the large pieces, put small ones like nuts and bolts, into resealable bags. Then mark the bags so you’ll remember which table or chair they belong to before storing them away for safekeeping.
  • Don’t toss your furniture into a mobile storage container that will expose it to extreme temperature changes and the weather. Instead, pick a company that offers renters a chance to store their containers in a climate-controlled warehouse that offers protection from insects, condensation and thieves. Oh, and make sure that you’re able to place the furniture up on to pallets too.

To learn more about furniture storage in the Maryland, DC area, please contact us at Cubby Mobile Storage Solutions. We’ll treat your treasured furniture right and have it ready for you when it’s needed again.