Are you moving to the other side of Baltimore or to another state? You’ll need to stage your home in preparation for the house to sell. Staging experts usually explain the basic dos and don’ts on home staging when they consult with you. They generally tell you to load everything that has to go onto a truck and rent a storage unit. They say that with a hidden smirk because they know they don’t have to pack up all that stuff and then unload it into a storage unit. While your mind blanks out at the thought of all those boxes and heavy lifting, why not leave the packing to us?

The basics of home staging are simple. Buyers want to know how much storage is in the house so they’ll know if their stuff will fit in your space. To that end, you will need to empty closets, the garage, basement and attic of its belongings. That alone will give the house an air of roominess that will snag a buyer in no time. In the living room and dining room, take out everything but the bare necessities.

Take down the art work, box up the doodads and most all of the books and DVDs. Leave just enough on the bare minimum of tables and/or shelving units to give the room some color and whimsy. Buyers will mentally place their furniture in these rooms. They will appreciate the lack of stuff but will see your small touches and think their doodads will look wonderful there.

Bedrooms present an interesting arrangement to a stager. There has to be a bed, of course, and some method of storing clothing. Not many people have one each of chests of drawers, dressers and chifforobes in their bedrooms but some do. Kids’ rooms will understandably house toy boxes, bookshelves, desks and some method of storing enough stuffed animals to stock a Toys R Us in addition to their bed and chest of drawers or dresser. All that will have to go.

Buyers need to see if their own kids’ stuff will fit into these spaces. You’ll need to put everything but the bed and one container for clothing into storage. Leave a stray toy or stuffed animal on the bed or dresser to suggest the age of the child owning the room. Give us a call when you’re ready and we’ll do the heavy work for you.

We’ve all seen glossy magazine pictures of bathrooms big enough to land a jet in containing wicker love seats, wicker clothing hampers, shelving units for towels and soaps shaped like hearts and a scale you suspect no one steps on. If you’re lucky enough to have a bathroom into which one of these articles will fit, take it out. Buyers need to see if their own shelving units will fit.

Leave the deck furniture and the children’s play area in the back yard where it is. Nothing snags a buyer faster than an outdoor room or deck. Buyers will see this and start planning their first get-together on your deck. Got a fire pit?  Light it when you know there will be an open house or a private showing. Give them an attractive place in which they’d like to be themselves and they will more often than not make an offer.

That’s all there is to staging your home for sale. Limit furniture and accessories to just enough to impart an idea of space and the house will sell itself. While you’re doing that, we’ll be packing your things into a Cubby unit. They will be stored in the warehouse until you need them. We will then bring them back to you or transport them to your new home. Contact us for the heavy work. We won’t lose one single stuffed animal.