When moving across town, it can be such a pain to hire movers. Movers can be expensive and may not take care of your stuff the way it should be. Plus, if there is time between moving out and moving in, you might end up with high costs. Instead, try portable storage containers for moving and relocating.

Overnight or Long-Term Storage

Selling a home and buying a new one can often mean that the closing dates required by mortgage lenders occur so that there is no overlap between owning your homes. In those cases, you might find yourself living in a hotel or with relatives for a little while and nowhere to put your stuff. With portable storage, your stuff is securely stored away at a storage facility while you enjoy a break.

Items Delivered to Your Driveway

Not hiring a moving company does not mean that you have to transport your items by yourself. Your portable storage will be picked up from your old house and stored until you are ready to move into your new house. At that time, you can have your stuff delivered directly to your new front door.

Move Stuff in and Out on Your Schedule

As you pack your stuff, you can have it picked up in chunks so that you can keep your move organized. Packing everything to be moved out at one time can lead to living in boxes and potentially forgetting to pack small items that hide behind the piles. By packing slowly and storing in chunks, you can make sure everything is packed in an organized manner.

Less Expense Than a Moving Company

Did you know that portable storage can cost about the same amount per month as self-storage? Even with the storage company picking the items up, you could save hundreds over the traditional moving company, without sacrificing on convenience or insurance.

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