You’ve driven by houses on your way to and from somewhere wondering why PODs are in the driveways. They do look out of place, don’t they? They would look better on a container ship just outside the Inner Harbor. The PODs are used for dozens of reasons and you can usually tell which reasons by the length of time the unit spends in the driveway. For example, the out-of-work brother-in-law comes for a visit. You’ll know he moved on when the PODs is picked up. Empty nesters use the units to store the kids’ stuff when they go off to college. They might not want to dispose of anything until the kid says so, so the units come in handy.

One of the more awful reasons for using mobile storage units is a scourge of which we can’t seem to rid ourselves. People who find themselves infested with bed bugs who can’t afford the heat treatment will pack every last thing they own into storage units for up to two years. The little beasts can go for around 18 months without a meal, so starving them is a whole lot cheaper than the heat treatment. That reason is easy to guess when counting months in situ.

Many small business or work at home business owners rent mobile storage units for overstock. The business owner might need to empty a room at home to morph into a home office or showroom. The small business owner might not have access to warehousing services. We used to know a pair of empty nesters who used their rooms to good advantage: the lady used the former family room for making and selling her sewing creations while her husband used the garage to sell his trains. We could have helped.

Obviously someone is about to move when the storage unit sits in the drive for a short period of time. What we’ll never understand is why they didn’t call us first. Our units are smaller than a container box, we pack them for you and then we store them in the warehouse for you. Have you ever seen a forklift getting something off a shelf? Your storage units are stored neatly on our shelves. When you need them, we put them on a truck and follow you to your new house. It couldn’t be simpler and it couldn’t be easier on you. That’s our specialty.

Moving across Maryland? We got you covered. Moving to California or anywhere between? We can do that. Moving to London, Paris or Manila? We’re right with you. You have enough on your mind, what with getting the family oriented, packing, severing relationships with power companies and such. What you don’t need is to worry about how your stuff is going to be packed, how respectfully it will be treated and how it’s going to get to the new digs. You let us worry about that because that, too, is our specialty. Be sure to contact us when you want to make people guess why the storage unit is in your driveway.