Move During The Holidays Stress-Free With Warehouse Storage

Moving during the holidays can cause an enormous amount of stress. You have to organize a move during one of the most busiest times of year. There is a lot to do in what seems like such a limited amount of time. However, the most difficult part about the move, might be deciding what to do with items you lack space to keep. There are a few tips that might help make your move during the holidays stress-free with warehouse storage.

Create a Plan of Action

The move has to be done and there is no time like the present to get up and make it happen. Make a list of the things that need to be done. Delegate a job to each person who will be helping you with the move. You might have a person in charge of gathering boxes, another in charge of calling the movers, and someone in charge of making sure each room is cleared and organized according to your instructions.

Set a Definite Moving Date

Set a date that you will move out and stick to it. Be sure to notify the utility companies of your plans. If you do not have time, it might be a good idea to have someone in charge of doing this as well. The moving company will arrive on your appointment date, and you want to make sure you are prepared and ready to go. Be sure to have the items that will be traveling with you marked, and if possible already packed.

Utilize Warehouse Storage

There is no need to stress about not being able to take some of your possessions with you.  Cubby Mobile Storage is one of the few companies that will bring the packing and storing to you. Professional packers will arrive at your home, pack up your items you want to keep but can not take with you. Packers will take the items to their warehouse storage location until you are ready for them.

The best part is you don’t have to worry about picking your items up. When you are ready for your personal belongings Cubby Mobile Storage will bring them to you. You really cannot ask for much more from a storage company. To find out more about warehouse storage for your holiday move contact us.


Ten Packing Tips To Keep In Mind For Your Big Move

Making a big move takes its toll mentally, physically, and emotionally. If you’re planning to take the majority of your possessions with you to your new home, packing the right way can save you energy when you arrive at your new place. Check out these packing tips to stay organized and efficient as you pack up.

Pack a separate bag for you day-to-day essentials 

Including toiletries, makeup, underwear, a basic outfit or two, and anything else you use on a regular basis. Plan as if you’re going on vacation for a few days, and that way you’ll know exactly where to find your essentials as you get settled.

Label Crates

Label with two sets of information: the contents in the box, and the room in which the box should go. That way you can focus on one room at a time, which will make unpacking feel more manageable.

Use suitcases for books

The wheels will make the heaviness more manageable.

Use your smartphone’s camera

Take pictures of anything with wires (such as your Television) before you pack it up. Using the photo as a reference will make the set up in your new home much less stressful.

Number your boxes (and suitcases)

By numbering the boxes, you won’t have to worry if there’s one missing– just make sure every number is accounted for!

Check expirations dates

There’s no need to pack Advil or canned beans if they’re expired, so check before throwing food and medication into a packing box.

Dust while you pack

If you take a few extra seconds to dust off the items you’re packing up, you’ll be keeping your new place cleaner.

Staying organized is key to a successful move. There’s no need to get overwhelmed if you’re in control of what’s going on and where all your possessions are.

Contact us for help with your move or check out our blog for more tips!


Warehouse Storage For The 22 Months Americans Spend Cohabitating

Warehouse storage could be the solution for an emerging trend, the longer time period that American couples are spending cohabitating. According to the CDC, the average woman spends 22 months living with her future husband before heading down the aisle. Safe and easy storage is good for your relationship and your high school basketball trophies.

Protect your relationship: However long you stay together compared to those CDC figures, you may have a happier home life if you don’t have to argue about whether black velvet paintings of Elvis qualify as fine art, or how many shoes one has to own before it qualifies as a medical condition that should be covered by insurance. We’re hoping that all your dreams come true, but if you decide to split up, your transition may be more amicable if you can get back your rice cooker and futon instead of having to start from scratch.

Protect your possessions: Moving stuff can be such a hassle you may still be wondering if it’s worth it. Rest assured that we can simplify the process by coming to your door, packing your stuff, and taking it to the warehouse for you. We will keep it nice and safe for you until you get around to finalizing your plans, even if that takes 2 years or more. We won’t even resent you for keeping us waiting or pressure you with ultimatums. You can chow down at holiday dinners without worrying that we are going to ask you any embarrassing questions about your intentions or how soon you want to start having children.

Contact us for convenient and affordable moving and storage. We are here for you during every stage of your life to help you keep your home beautiful and comfortable while you sort out what to do with your stuff.


Reduce Your Stress With Professional Moving And Storage Services

Planning and carrying out a move is a time-consuming endeavor when you have other obligations to fulfill at the same time. The closer it gets to moving day, the more stress you feel as you realize how much more there is to do. This stress can be compounded by the fact that you also need to locate temporary storage for some of your items. Cubby Mobile Storage has the solution to both your moving and storage needs.

Experienced Local and Long-Distance Movers

At Cubby Mobile Storage, we allow you to choose only the services that you need from us. Some people prefer to do their own packing and just have us load their belongings into our moving truck and unload them at their new location. Others are short on time and hire us to help with packing and setting up their new home. We understand that all customers have different budgets, time restraints, and physical abilities.

When moving day arrives, we work together as a team to get your household belongings into our 28-foot trailer. We are as careful with your items as we would be with our own. Our movers use padded blankets and other specialty equipment to ensure that none of your valuables are damaged in transit.

Our Storage Services Come to You

Many people dread using an off-site storage facility because it is so much work for them. As our name implies, Cubby Mobile Storage delivers storage units right to your door. You fill them with the items you need stored and call us to pick them up. We place these sturdy, fireproof containers in our warehouse for as long as you need us to. When you want the items back, just call us to schedule a delivery. You never have to lift a finger if you don’t want to.

Reserve Your Moving Date Today

If you know when you need to move, contact us to reserve our moving truck as soon as possible. You can also reserve our mobile storage units at the same time.


Staging Your Home For A Sale? Leave The Packing To Us!

Are you moving to the other side of Baltimore or to another state? You’ll need to stage your home in preparation for the house to sell. Staging experts usually explain the basic dos and don’ts on home staging when they consult with you. They generally tell you to load everything that has to go onto a truck and rent a storage unit. They say that with a hidden smirk because they know they don’t have to pack up all that stuff and then unload it into a storage unit. While your mind blanks out at the thought of all those boxes and heavy lifting, why not leave the packing to us?

The basics of home staging are simple. Buyers want to know how much storage is in the house so they’ll know if their stuff will fit in your space. To that end, you will need to empty closets, the garage, basement and attic of its belongings. That alone will give the house an air of roominess that will snag a buyer in no time. In the living room and dining room, take out everything but the bare necessities.

Take down the art work, box up the doodads and most all of the books and DVDs. Leave just enough on the bare minimum of tables and/or shelving units to give the room some color and whimsy. Buyers will mentally place their furniture in these rooms. They will appreciate the lack of stuff but will see your small touches and think their doodads will look wonderful there.

Bedrooms present an interesting arrangement to a stager. There has to be a bed, of course, and some method of storing clothing. Not many people have one each of chests of drawers, dressers and chifforobes in their bedrooms but some do. Kids’ rooms will understandably house toy boxes, bookshelves, desks and some method of storing enough stuffed animals to stock a Toys R Us in addition to their bed and chest of drawers or dresser. All that will have to go.

Buyers need to see if their own kids’ stuff will fit into these spaces. You’ll need to put everything but the bed and one container for clothing into storage. Leave a stray toy or stuffed animal on the bed or dresser to suggest the age of the child owning the room. Give us a call when you’re ready and we’ll do the heavy work for you.

We’ve all seen glossy magazine pictures of bathrooms big enough to land a jet in containing wicker love seats, wicker clothing hampers, shelving units for towels and soaps shaped like hearts and a scale you suspect no one steps on. If you’re lucky enough to have a bathroom into which one of these articles will fit, take it out. Buyers need to see if their own shelving units will fit.

Leave the deck furniture and the children’s play area in the back yard where it is. Nothing snags a buyer faster than an outdoor room or deck. Buyers will see this and start planning their first get-together on your deck. Got a fire pit?  Light it when you know there will be an open house or a private showing. Give them an attractive place in which they’d like to be themselves and they will more often than not make an offer.

That’s all there is to staging your home for sale. Limit furniture and accessories to just enough to impart an idea of space and the house will sell itself. While you’re doing that, we’ll be packing your things into a Cubby unit. They will be stored in the warehouse until you need them. We will then bring them back to you or transport them to your new home. Contact us for the heavy work. We won’t lose one single stuffed animal.


Keep Your Christmas Decorations Safe With Affordable Warehouse Storage

Enjoy more peace of mind this Christmas by using cost effective warehouse storage to protect your christmas decorations and simplify some seasonal tasks. Let our skilled and caring movers and drivers do some of the work for you while you spend more time with your family.

Are you tired of finding unpleasant surprises when you unpack your Christmas tree ornaments? Maybe the glass angel you brought back from your honeymoon in Italy has smashed or you can’t find the felt kitten your daughter made in the third grade. Maybe you’re just frustrated with struggling to untangle strings of Christmas lights.

Plus, even if everything survives the year intact, there may be better ways to use the space in your garage or basement that gets taken up by all those boxes you don’t use from January through November.

Everything will be secure and organized if you let us come to your home to pack and store your decorations in our warehouse. You may be surprised at how simple and affordable it can be to trust your holiday treasures to us until you need them each year.

Of course, seasonal decorations may be the most obvious items, but you do not need to stop there. How about Christmas presents that your family can’t use right away? Send us the new bicycles you want to get back when the snow melts. We will deliver them as soon as you need them. If a doting uncle gives your son a chemistry set he’s not ready for yet, park it with us for a while. We will even hold onto the extra dishes, platters, and stemware you only bring out for Thanksgiving dinners or New Year’s Eve parties.

Contact us for cost effective warehouse storage. We can make your family’s Christmas decorations & celebrations a little merrier and a lot more convenient.


Innovative Solutions For Your Furniture Storage Needs

If you are in the process of remodeling your home, you may need to find a place for temporary furniture storage. It can be difficult for you or a contractor to navigate around couches, chairs, and tables during this process. Even so, you probably don’t relish the thought of moving heavy furniture out of your home just to move it back again at the completion of the remodeling project. Cubby Mobile Storage has simplified the process by delivering heavy-duty portable storage containers directly to your home.

Store Your Furniture On-Site

We offer the ideal short-term solution for people who need to relocate their furniture temporarily. Our portable storage containers are 10′ X 8′ X 8′ and are made of steel. No matter what the weather conditions are like outside, your furniture is secure inside of one of our units. You can walk in at ground level for easy access to your furniture at any time. We do recommend that you purchase a lock to ensure your valuables remain safe while you are away from home.

You Decide How Long to Keep the Storage Unit

Everyone has different storage needs depending on his or her specific project plans. For example, you probably only need the furniture out of the way for a short time if you are painting the interior of your home. Perhaps you are completely renovating your home and expect the project to take months. You are always in control of your storage contract. We retrieve the unit on a date you determine.

Get Your Free Quote Today

When you’re ready for Cubby Mobile Storage to move your furniture, contact us for a free estimate. Just let us know how much furniture you have so we can determine how many portable storage units you need. Once we get your furniture moved, you can also let us know where to place the portable storage container on your property.


Make Moving And Relocating Easier With Our Portable Storage Units

If you’re planning on moving and relocating soon, you probably already know how overwhelming the process can be. The idea of packing all your stuff and placing it in storage can be daunting, not to mention the fact that it can also be inconvenient. Here at Cubby Mobile Storage, we have a better way-our portable storage units. Known as “cubbies”, these storage units are packed and placed in our warehouse until needed, then delivered when and where you choose.

Some advantages to using cubbies are:

  • Perfect for house staging, since you can remove items you don’t need in order to help your home show better
  • Containers are delivered to your location, and you can fill them at your own convenience
  • Cubbies can be stored in our warehouse for as long as you need them to
  • Belongings will be protected from the elements during storage
  • Units are easy to access
  • Are secured with your own padlock, so your belongings stay safe
  • Never have to haul things to and from a storage unit

We can not only provide you with a secure means of storing your belongings, but can help you with other moving needs as well. A few of the other services we provide are:

  • Local and long distance moving
  • Trailer and truck rental
  • Help with packing

Cubbies can help make your move more efficient, while also saving you time and money. Contact us today to find out more or to arrange a quote for any of our portable storage services.


The Convenience Of Using Cubby’s Mobile Storage Containers

Whether you’re moving or simply storing items from your home, it’s always nice to have as many helping hands as possible.  At Cubby Mobile Storage, we not only provide the helping hands, but the convenience of our mobile storage containers which we bring right to your front door! Our mobile storage containers are delivered to your residence at your request, where you can easily load your items yourself, or have our helpful staff do it for you.

After the storage units are filled with the items you need to move or store away, we will pick the unit up and store your items in our warehouse, for as long as you want.  If you’re moving, Cubby Mobile Storage Solutions will deliver your items whenever and wherever you need them, making your move as stress free as possible.

Cubby has been helping people with their storage needs for almost 40 years, and has the experience you want in storage solutions.  With the convenience of our mobile storage units being taken to and from your location, combined with our economically friendly pricing, Cubby Mobile Storage is the way to go.

Imagine having to rent a truck, pack your items, find a trusted and cost effective storage facility, drive your items to that facility, and then unpack your items. Not to mention reversing the process when you want your items back. With our mobile storage units, all of that is taken care of for you. Think about all the time you’ll save and be able to put into other things in your life. Moving and storing your personal items can already be a stressful time in your life, why not simplify it with Cubby Mobile Storage.

Key advantages to using our mobile storage units

  • No renting of storage truck
  • No trying to find a cost effective storage facility that’s near your home
  • No driving your items to and from the storage facility
  • The convenience of having a mobile storage unit delivered to you
  • Use your time for other productive things in your life
  • Have a trusted and experienced storage company do everything for you
  • Save money while simplifying your storage needs

These are all great reasons to use our services here at Cubby Mobile Storage Solutions, for more information visit our website or you can contact us here.

Storage Containers

Simplify Your Life With Portable Storage Containers

Like most people, you probably had the best of intentions when you first moved into your home. You were going to keep it organized and never allow a buildup of clutter, but then real life happened. You had a few kids and now your home is bursting at the seams with too much stuff. It happens to the best of us. The good news is you can reclaim your living space without all of the hard work involved in hauling your stuff to a storage facility.

Introducing Portable Storage from Cubby

In the past, Baltimore residents who needed extra storage space had to rent or borrow a truck, load it and then unload it again at an off-site unit. This is a lot of work for people who are already busy. When the time came to move or take belongings out of storage, they had to repeat the process all over again. In observing our harried customers, we knew there had to be a better solution. That is how we came up with the idea for portable storage containers.

When you choose this storage option, we deliver the storage vaults directly to your home. You can rent up to six containers at the same time. This is enough to pack the contents of nine rooms. We also pack your items into the containers and deliver them to our facility. Our associates bring the vaults back if you decide to move or reclaim your items. You can opt to unpack your items yourself or hire us at a reasonable hourly rate to do it for you.

Getting a Free Quote is Easy

If you can’t take another day of feeling claustrophobic in your own home, contact us for a free cost estimate. Just let us know how much stuff you want to store so we can reserve the correct number of portable storage containers for you. We can deliver the containers to any local address.