Planning and carrying out a move is a time-consuming endeavor when you have other obligations to fulfill at the same time. The closer it gets to moving day, the more stress you feel as you realize how much more there is to do. This stress can be compounded by the fact that you also need to locate temporary storage for some of your items. Cubby Mobile Storage has the solution to both your moving and storage needs.

Experienced Local and Long-Distance Movers

At Cubby Mobile Storage, we allow you to choose only the services that you need from us. Some people prefer to do their own packing and just have us load their belongings into our moving truck and unload them at their new location. Others are short on time and hire us to help with packing and setting up their new home. We understand that all customers have different budgets, time restraints, and physical abilities.

When moving day arrives, we work together as a team to get your household belongings into our 28-foot trailer. We are as careful with your items as we would be with our own. Our movers use padded blankets and other specialty equipment to ensure that none of your valuables are damaged in transit.

Our Storage Services Come to You

Many people dread using an off-site storage facility because it is so much work for them. As our name implies, Cubby Mobile Storage delivers storage units right to your door. You fill them with the items you need stored and call us to pick them up. We place these sturdy, fireproof containers in our warehouse for as long as you need us to. When you want the items back, just call us to schedule a delivery. You never have to lift a finger if you don’t want to.

Reserve Your Moving Date Today

If you know when you need to move, contact us to reserve our moving truck as soon as possible. You can also reserve our mobile storage units at the same time.