Being in charge of a trust or estate is hard work, especially when it comes time to clear out buildings and prepare them for sale. Oftentimes, the building’s entire contents must be carefully packed up, removed and stored on the behalf of missing and long-distance heirs. Of course, that can take a great deal of time, energy and storage space that many of us don’t have. In other instances, only certain items must go into a secured area until probate or other legal wranglings are complete. Understandably, that is taxing too. Thank goodness there is a much simpler way to handle both situations. It starts with a call to rent mobile storage containers.

Mobile storage containers are not like those PODs everyone learns about on television. Instead, they’re delivered directly to a person’s chosen destination, professionally loaded up and then carefully transported to a secured warehouse. They’ll remain in the warehouse, completely sealed and safe. Not all POD companies can say the same about their storage solutions.

Plus, people who rent mobile storage containers have the added option of going beyond the free standard valuation to include both added storage and cargo protection. As such, estate executors and trust administrators won’t have to worry about beloved items going missing or getting damaged before its time to distribute them as the decedents intended.

Please note that at Cubby Mobile Storage Solutions, we are happy to rent storage containers, trailers and moving trucks to anyone that needs them. Therefore, it doesn’t matter if people are moving into inherited homes or preparing residences for estate sales, we can help either way. We are a Maryland based, full service moving and storage company that operates nationwide. As such, we can be counted on to handle all the sweat-breaking labor with complete professionalism and discretion. To learn more about our nationwide moving and storage services, please contact us online or by phone today.