Enjoy more peace of mind this Christmas by using cost effective warehouse storage to protect your christmas decorations and simplify some seasonal tasks. Let our skilled and caring movers and drivers do some of the work for you while you spend more time with your family.

Are you tired of finding unpleasant surprises when you unpack your Christmas tree ornaments? Maybe the glass angel you brought back from your honeymoon in Italy has smashed or you can’t find the felt kitten your daughter made in the third grade. Maybe you’re just frustrated with struggling to untangle strings of Christmas lights.

Plus, even if everything survives the year intact, there may be better ways to use the space in your garage or basement that gets taken up by all those boxes you don’t use from January through November.

Everything will be secure and organized if you let us come to your home to pack and store your decorations in our warehouse. You may be surprised at how simple and affordable it can be to trust your holiday treasures to us until you need them each year.

Of course, seasonal decorations may be the most obvious items, but you do not need to stop there. How about Christmas presents that your family can’t use right away? Send us the new bicycles you want to get back when the snow melts. We will deliver them as soon as you need them. If a doting uncle gives your son a chemistry set he’s not ready for yet, park it with us for a while. We will even hold onto the extra dishes, platters, and stemware you only bring out for Thanksgiving dinners or New Year’s Eve parties.

Contact us for cost effective warehouse storage. We can make your family’s Christmas decorations & celebrations a little merrier and a lot more convenient.