Playing The PODs Guessing Game

You’ve driven by houses on your way to and from somewhere wondering why PODs are in the driveways. They do look out of place, don’t they? They would look better on a container ship just outside the Inner Harbor. The PODs are used for dozens of reasons and you can usually tell which reasons by the length of time the unit spends in the driveway. For example, the out-of-work brother-in-law comes for a visit. You’ll know he moved on when the PODs is picked up. Empty nesters use the units to store the kids’ stuff when they go off to college. They might not want to dispose of anything until the kid says so, so the units come in handy.

One of the more awful reasons for using mobile storage units is a scourge of which we can’t seem to rid ourselves. People who find themselves infested with bed bugs who can’t afford the heat treatment will pack every last thing they own into storage units for up to two years. The little beasts can go for around 18 months without a meal, so starving them is a whole lot cheaper than the heat treatment. That reason is easy to guess when counting months in situ.

Many small business or work at home business owners rent mobile storage units for overstock. The business owner might need to empty a room at home to morph into a home office or showroom. The small business owner might not have access to warehousing services. We used to know a pair of empty nesters who used their rooms to good advantage: the lady used the former family room for making and selling her sewing creations while her husband used the garage to sell his trains. We could have helped.

Obviously someone is about to move when the storage unit sits in the drive for a short period of time. What we’ll never understand is why they didn’t call us first. Our units are smaller than a container box, we pack them for you and then we store them in the warehouse for you. Have you ever seen a forklift getting something off a shelf? Your storage units are stored neatly on our shelves. When you need them, we put them on a truck and follow you to your new house. It couldn’t be simpler and it couldn’t be easier on you. That’s our specialty.

Moving across Maryland? We got you covered. Moving to California or anywhere between? We can do that. Moving to London, Paris or Manila? We’re right with you. You have enough on your mind, what with getting the family oriented, packing, severing relationships with power companies and such. What you don’t need is to worry about how your stuff is going to be packed, how respectfully it will be treated and how it’s going to get to the new digs. You let us worry about that because that, too, is our specialty. Be sure to contact us when you want to make people guess why the storage unit is in your driveway.


Three Reasons Portable Storage Containers Are Better Than Storage Units

So, you’ve been in your Maryland home for five, ten, or even twenty years now. During that time, you’ve collected a bunch of stuff, haven’t you? Now it’s taking over your space and you’re looking for a way to tame the clutter and make your space more livable. You could rent a storage unit, take your stuff across town and de-clutter your home, but that’s a lot of work. Another way to handle the overflow is to get portable storage containers delivered to you so you can sort it all out. This is the better option for three important reasons.

Increases Your Storage Space

Excess household items get in the way, make your home messy and makes it harder for you to truly enjoy it. Storing valuable items and family memories out in the garage or leaky shed isn’t an option because they will be ruined. At the same time, taking it all across town to the a storage unit isn’t an option. Besides the fact that it’s physically demanding, it’s also expensive and time-consuming. With a portable storage container on your property, you can go through the boxes, bags and containers at your leisure. Best of all, all those stored items will be close at hand, should you need them.

You Have Complete Control

Most storage facilities have strict rules about what can be stored within the storage units, when they can be accessed and by whom. With a portable storage unit right outside your door, you decide what goes in, what comes out and when it all happens. You won’t have to remember a complicated code to enter the grounds and you won’t have to get permission to access your unit anytime you want to. You are the only person that needs to have a key to the storage unit if it’s in your driveway. That means you won’t have to worry about unwanted entrance into your unit.

They Are Weatherproof

One of the biggest threats to your stored items is water. It can ruin beautiful artwork, family photos, important paperwork, wood, metal and fabrics in no time. Your precious memories in all of those boxes are meant to be passed on to future generations. That means you have to You can’t trust your basement, shed or attic if there’s even the slightest chance of moisture build-up. No matter how much it rains, or snows, steel portable storage containers will keep your belongings dry and safe. Every time you open it to put something in or take an item out, you’ll find it in the same condition you left it in.

If your home is filling up and you need a little breathing room, contact us. We know exactly how to help. Just talk to one of our friendly representatives and we’ll be happy to bring over one of our 10′ x 8′ x 8′ portable storage units for you. Use it as long as you like, and when you’re finished, we’ll come and pick it up again. We look forward to talking to you soon!


Use Professional Moving And Relocating To Ensure A Smooth Long Distance Move

An individual that has moved several times in their life does not always make it easier to do the following move, and this is because there are so many steps and variables that can change the situation. While local moving is easier done on your own as you do not need to find a place to stay for a night or two and you can take multiple trucks in a moving truck with ease, the same cannot be said for long distance moves. Professional moving and relocating offers a unique opportunity to move with little to no stress, while also benefiting from other perks that lead to a positive moving experience.

Safe Loading and Unloading

It is vital not to underestimate the weight that boxes or disassembled furniture can be. Even when you use the right lifting techniques, you are putting yourself at risk of getting injured, and this is just not worth it, especially when you rely on being completely healthy to work efficiently.

An additional benefit that comes with professional loading and unloading is having experienced professionals move your belongings, which means that it is very unlikely for anything to break.

Avoid the Long Drive

Depending on how far you are moving, going long distance can be anywhere from a several hour trip to a few days, which is quite stressful for those who are not used to driving long distance. It is even more stressful because this drive will likely include everything you are moving with, which often includes your significant other, children, pets, and all of your possessions.

Save by Not Buying Tools

If you want to be completely safe when loading and unloading a truck, you need to buy some moving equipment that not only helps you move more efficiently, but safely, as well. Fortunately, you can avoid the process of having to get these supplies by just using a professional moving company instead.

If you want moving and relocating professionally handled, contact us for more information.


Stay On Budget With Professional Moving And Relocation By Packing Yourself

Hiring a moving company is a great way to relieve some stress that is often involved with moving, but those on a budget may be worried about high costs preventing them from using these services. Since having your possessions picked up and delivered to your new home is the great part about the experience, being able to save money in other ways will help you afford this expense.

Following some tips on packing yourself will ensure you do an incredible packing job, but while also being able to take advantage of professional moving and relocation services.

Seal Crates with Packing Tape

Interlocking the moving box tops is a common method for some to seal the boxes, but it is not a reliable method to use when moving to a new home. It simply does not provide enough stability or safety, which means you should always use packing tape to seal your moving boxes.

Pack Items by Room

If there is anything confusing about a move, it is when you get to your new home and have a bunch of boxes, but no knowledge of which room they should be placed in. Since this can really slow down the process with unloading your possessions and unpacking them afterwards, you should focus on preventing this from happening by packing items by room.

Label Crates for Easy Unloading

To follow this up, the boxes that are packed for each room need to be labeled. With how many moving boxes can be involved in a move, you should label both the top and the sides to make it easier to see where each box should go, even when pushed against another box or on the bottom of a stack.

Keeping all of these tips in mind will help you pack like a pro, while also saving money. Also, the best time to start packing your items is as soon as you find out you are going to move, which prevents you from having to rush through the process and potentially getting injured.

Contact us today to discuss your options for a professional relocation and stay on budget.


Benefits Of Portable Storage For Moving Across Town

When moving across town, it can be such a pain to hire movers. Movers can be expensive and may not take care of your stuff the way it should be. Plus, if there is time between moving out and moving in, you might end up with high costs. Instead, try portable storage containers for moving and relocating.

Overnight or Long-Term Storage

Selling a home and buying a new one can often mean that the closing dates required by mortgage lenders occur so that there is no overlap between owning your homes. In those cases, you might find yourself living in a hotel or with relatives for a little while and nowhere to put your stuff. With portable storage, your stuff is securely stored away at a storage facility while you enjoy a break.

Items Delivered to Your Driveway

Not hiring a moving company does not mean that you have to transport your items by yourself. Your portable storage will be picked up from your old house and stored until you are ready to move into your new house. At that time, you can have your stuff delivered directly to your new front door.

Move Stuff in and Out on Your Schedule

As you pack your stuff, you can have it picked up in chunks so that you can keep your move organized. Packing everything to be moved out at one time can lead to living in boxes and potentially forgetting to pack small items that hide behind the piles. By packing slowly and storing in chunks, you can make sure everything is packed in an organized manner.

Less Expense Than a Moving Company

Did you know that portable storage can cost about the same amount per month as self-storage? Even with the storage company picking the items up, you could save hundreds over the traditional moving company, without sacrificing on convenience or insurance.

Want to learn more about portable storage or receive a quote? Please feel free to contact us.


Best Tips For People In Need Of Furniture Storage In Maryland And DC

Whether you own a Louis XV original or a cheap particle board desk, it doesn’t matter. Furniture storage isn’t something that should be taken lightly. Store it the wrong way, and the furniture may break, discolor, get eaten by insects or end up covered in mold. Store it the right way, and you’ll be able to continue using it for many years to come. This brings us to one simple question, “What’s the best way to store cherished furniture?” Our mobile storage solutions experts know the answer and would like to share a few furniture storage dos and don’ts. Hopefully, they may help Maryland and District of Columbia residents pack up their furniture and get safely on their way. Here they are:

  • Don’t forget to treat your furniture a few days before the big move. For example, wax the wood and polish the metal hardware. If your furnishings have leather or upholstered surfaces, be sure to deep clean and treat them too. Depending on the circumstances, water or stain proofing the furniture may help as well.
  • Do consider disassembling the furniture and loosely wrapping the pieces in pads or other protective materials. But before you do, take a picture of the furniture and note how it should all be put back together. After you’ve wrapped the large pieces, put small ones like nuts and bolts, into resealable bags. Then mark the bags so you’ll remember which table or chair they belong to before storing them away for safekeeping.
  • Don’t toss your furniture into a mobile storage container that will expose it to extreme temperature changes and the weather. Instead, pick a company that offers renters a chance to store their containers in a climate-controlled warehouse that offers protection from insects, condensation and thieves. Oh, and make sure that you’re able to place the furniture up on to pallets too.

To learn more about furniture storage in the Maryland, DC area, please contact us at Cubby Mobile Storage Solutions. We’ll treat your treasured furniture right and have it ready for you when it’s needed again.


Mobile Storage Units Make Moving And Relocating Manageable

If the saying nothing is impossible is not only true but is also practical then you might never need to use one of our mobile storage units. If it’s true then you might try to sell your house; find a new place to live; pack and ship your furnishings to your newly purchased, move in ready residence in the ideal neighborhood 2000 miles away, all within a month. Assuming that you are lucky enough to have an entire month before your new job begins.

Possible, maybe, but it’s probably not advisable. Even if you have a couple of months, that simply isn’t enough time to do it all. Let’s face it, to accomplish this move without storing your furnishings something has to give. Either you’ll make some serious compromises such as selling your home for practically nothing, or if you managed to pull off the entire move to your complete satisfaction the probability is high that you lost your mind in the bargain. That’s a high price to pay.

When you have a limited amount of time to arrange a move or if you have nowhere to keep your furnishings for a while, use our storage units and reduce the problems and stress that come with trying to accomplish the impossible because along with some of the time crunch, many of your moving nightmares will simply disappear. The added benefit that comes with using our storage units over traditional storage facilities is that the need to re-pack items for shipment isn’t necessary. Your items stay packed and are ready to ship whenever you are ready to move them. The entire moving and relocating process is simpler. Contact us and we’ll give you the details on mobile storage units.


Mobile Storage Containers Can Simplify Estate And Trust Administration Tasks

Being in charge of a trust or estate is hard work, especially when it comes time to clear out buildings and prepare them for sale. Oftentimes, the building’s entire contents must be carefully packed up, removed and stored on the behalf of missing and long-distance heirs. Of course, that can take a great deal of time, energy and storage space that many of us don’t have. In other instances, only certain items must go into a secured area until probate or other legal wranglings are complete. Understandably, that is taxing too. Thank goodness there is a much simpler way to handle both situations. It starts with a call to rent mobile storage containers.

Mobile storage containers are not like those PODs everyone learns about on television. Instead, they’re delivered directly to a person’s chosen destination, professionally loaded up and then carefully transported to a secured warehouse. They’ll remain in the warehouse, completely sealed and safe. Not all POD companies can say the same about their storage solutions.

Plus, people who rent mobile storage containers have the added option of going beyond the free standard valuation to include both added storage and cargo protection. As such, estate executors and trust administrators won’t have to worry about beloved items going missing or getting damaged before its time to distribute them as the decedents intended.

Please note that at Cubby Mobile Storage Solutions, we are happy to rent storage containers, trailers and moving trucks to anyone that needs them. Therefore, it doesn’t matter if people are moving into inherited homes or preparing residences for estate sales, we can help either way. We are a Maryland based, full service moving and storage company that operates nationwide. As such, we can be counted on to handle all the sweat-breaking labor with complete professionalism and discretion. To learn more about our nationwide moving and storage services, please contact us online or by phone today.


Mobile Storage Units That Are Ready To Go When You Are

It used to be that putting some of your belongings into storage was as much work as actually moving. Mobile storage units changed all that. Now you can place your valuables into a large, sturdy moving container and store them offsite until you are ready to collect them again. When that day comes, Cubby Mobile Storage delivers the containers to your home. That certainly beats driving or renting a truck, packing it with your items in storage, and unloading everything again once you get home.

Reasons You May Need Mobile Storage

As much as you might want to take all of your personal belongings with you, sometimes that just isn’t possible. Perhaps you are going away to college or joining the military. Neither one of these living situations gives you a lot of space to store your valuables. Intentional downsizing is another possibility. You may have accumulated a lot of items over the years that you just can’t bear to part with yet, even if your spouse does call them clutter.

Moving is an ideal opportunity to start fresh with keeping your home neat and organized. Storing your items away with us means that you have the space in your home and garage that you need. However, we’re just a phone call away should you decide that you are ready to get some of your valuables back.

Request a Quote for Mobile Storage Today

If you’re about to move or ready to store some of your valuables away from home, contact us for a free quote. After you have loaded mobile storage units, we transport it to our 44,400 square foot storage facility in Baltimore. We protect your valuables 24 hours a day by monitoring our security cameras and installing protective fencing. Our open floor plan means that you have as much space as you need to store your belongings until we deliver them back to you.


Consider Portable Storage Units As You Plan Your Home Staging

Anyone who is trying to sell a home knows the importance of making it as attractive as possible to potential buyers. This goes beyond cleaning and organizing your home so it is ready to show on a moment’s notice. You need to arrange furniture and other household items in such a way that the buyer can picture living there. Realtors refer to this process as home staging. Although it involves extra work, industry research indicates that those who stage their homes sell it significantly faster than those who only clean and organize their home.

Storing Furniture and Other Belongings During Home Staging

Your realtor may advise you to remove one or more pieces of furniture temporarily to give your home a more spacious feel. While that may be a good idea, what do you do with these items while you are trying to sell your home? The answer is not as complicated as you might think.

Cubby Mobile Storage offers multiple storage options, including delivering portable storage containers right to your door. These units are large and sturdy enough to hold furniture and other heavy items that you need to relocate on a temporary basis. After you have filled one or more of our portable storage units, call us to pick them up. We store your household items in our warehouse until you ask to have them back. At that point, we deliver them back to your home. You don’t have to lift heavy furniture or transport anything.

We Can Help Your Home Stand Out

In today’s competitive real estate market, you need every advantage possible to inspire buyers to choose your home over another one. Home staging is important because potential buyers must be able to see your house as their future home. That can be hard to accomplish when you just have too much stuff. If you’re getting ready to stage your home, we encourage you to contact us to learn more about our portable storage containers and other storage options.